In today’s world, clients require flexible, all-encompassing communications and event strategies. TMG International’s approach is to create distinct, compelling programs to meet each client’s goals and objectives. Our mission is to assist our clients in building recognition, credibility and image in order to distinguish a product or service in the market place. The result: exemplary and highly-visible celebrity and special event productions, memorable product roll-outs and introductions, effective branding programs, PR and marketing, celebrity product alignments, promotions, and high-impact press campaigns and media placements.

With offices in Beverly Hills, Miami, and London, TMG boasts up-to-the-minute technology and databases, offering clients web site services and on-line marketing programs, extensive research capabilities, and bleeding-edge media technologies.

Formed in 1980 as a full-service marketing and public relations firm, TMG brings outstanding creativity as well as impeccable organizational skills, personalized service and a high level of business experience to every project it undertakes. Full time commitment and meticulous attention to detail ensure excellence in all areas of TMG’s client service.

TMG’s aggressive and enthusiastic approach is conceptualized, implemented and supervised by the Company’s principals. A diverse agency, TMG has earned a reputation as one of the country’s leading marketing and public relations firms. Furthermore, TMG boasts an unparalleled reputation in special event productions and cause-marketing.

TMG caters to a diverse range of clients, including health and beauty, fashion, jewelry, real estate, hotels and hospitality, automotive, and entertainment. We offer each client our notable resources and a strong network of personal media contacts. Our mission is to assist our clients: to make a difference and to help them succeed.

Whether it’s the Los Angeles Times, The NewYorK Times InStyle, Newsweek, Good Morning, America, or The Today Show, TMG is adept at securing outstanding media placement for its clients. Whether it’s a new product launch, the repositioning or establishment of a service or product, the development of a brand, or the establishment of an image, TMG has a range of expertise, from public relations campaigns to celebrity securement, to sponsorship evaluation, to event management and production. TMG offers invaluable services and has a reputation for getting results.